Byron White

Focus. Focus. Focus. These are three words that are top of mind when I think of the core strengths for Andrew Martineau in reflecting back on his experience with WriterAccess (formally ideaLaunch) in the last year. He dove into the SEO role without any experience, and left our company having mastered much of the best practice the trade demands for success.

He approached each assignment, and each client, with an open mind and commitment to a high level of performance. He learned to get it done the right way, in the right time, to the exact specifications required for success. And he brought solutions to the table, answers to problems and the occasional splash of innovation rare for his level of experience.

I not only recommend Andrew, I’d hire him back! And also wish him the best of luck in his current goal to diversify his skill portfolio and advance his career.

Byron White - Founder ideaLaunch & Writer Access

Todd Szahun

I worked directly with Andrew for over a year at Catalyst and, in that time, it became clear that Andrew’s mastery of organic search coupled with his innovative and solution-focused approach formed the hallmark of his approach. Andrew is highly adept at problem solving, translating business-oriented client questions into actionable recommendations based on an acute knowledge of digital data and sharp analytical skills.

In the field of digital, where the landscape changes so frequently, Andrew learns at a pace that catapults him ahead of his peers. Rightfully so, Andrew has earned the reputation of being the go-to search director to tackle the most complex challenges of any integrated digital marketing program.

Todd Szahun - VP, Data Strategy & Partnerships at WPP Data Alliance

Randy Dargenio

Andrew is a true SEO professional that I would recommend for any industry. He’s approachable, pleasant to work with and has the ability to take massive amounts of data and turn it all into meaningful, actionable next steps.

I think one of the key areas that makes Andrew different than the flock is a shared belief that ‘just because someone writes an SEO article that appears on a prominent website, doesn’t make it true until you test it for yourself’. It’s such an important trait to have and makes me feel confident that Andrew would be a value to any data driven organization

Randy Dargenio - SEO Director at GroupM

Todd Yeager

Smart, Creative, Marketing Savvy, Funny, Team Player…are just a few of what comes to mind when I think about my time working with Andrew. As the person responsible for our client SEO campaigns, strategies, tactics- Andrew was second to nobody!

Not only did he bring creative ideas to work everyday, he was able to clearly communicate and see them through execution. This dude could do any/everything within the SEO marketing space; and what he didn’t know he quickly educated himself on.

All bullshit aside, Andrew Martineau will make your team, product, strategy and overall organization stronger. His smarts coupled with a fun, witty personality naturally draw people in as he subtly becomes their leader.

Todd Yeager - Director of Client Strategy at TMP Worldwide

Garth O’Brien

Andrew is a fantastic SEO. He knows content and technical SEO and one of his strongest skills lies in data. Andrew will dig and sift through big data to find missed opportunities. SEO is not just about rankings, but also about conversions to drive up revenue or to decrease costs. Some of Andrew’s data analysis has brought to light major advantages for our clients.

Garth O’Brien - Search Director at Catalyst

Matthew Proctor

Andrew is one of the most personable directors I have ever worked under. He’s charismatic and a joy to have around to bounce sophisticated strategy ideas off of or just make the more monotonous of SEO tasks more enjoyable. His ability to get down into the details of a project always made me feel confident that nothing would ever get missed or fall through the cracks.

I’ve never known Andrew to shy away from a little extra work or pass up an opportunity to expand his horizons. He’s one of those talents who takes pride in the work he’s delivering and won’t let anyone working with him present something sub-par to a client, and I commend him for that.

While I was working at Catalyst, he played an integral role in the development of some of Catalyst’s most innovative products from not only a strategic level but also a hands on technical level. I would jump at the chance to work with him again.

Matthew Proctor - Professional Services Analyst at BrightEdge

Corey Eridon

Andrew was a great person to have in the organization. He’s reliable, incredibly efficient, and always thinking a few steps ahead on projects. I appreciate the high standard of quality that he upholds with his work, and it certainly transfers over to his other team members. I’d be excited to get the chance to work with Andrew again in any capacity!

Corey Eridon - Managing Editor at HubSpot